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5 Foods To Avoid Fetal Health

Hi , Mom! Hopefully the little one who was able to kick as well as those still in the stomach of healthy always . If the present is pregnant , she must take care of yourself and your baby , one of which , through the maternal diet .

Food is an important factor in order to have a healthy pregnancy . Ensure sufficient nutritious foods pregnant mother 's body in order to keep fit and healthy while undergoing pregnancy that will last for nine months .

Speaking of food pregnant women , there will always be debate , which can be eaten and which would lead to health problems . Moreover, many people who still believe in the myth and abstinence during pregnancy , although the research says otherwise .

Nevertheless , there are some types of food is best avoided during pregnancy due may result in infections , such as salmonella ( trigger miscarriage ) , toxoplasmosis ( abnormal fetuses ) , Listeria ( resulting in miscarriage or fetal death in utero ) , and E. coli , ( intestinal and kidney damage ) .

During the first trimester , she had to be careful with foods that pregnant women enter the body because some of these foods can damage the health of the fetus if consumed in excessive quantities :

1 . Pineapple Young

Young pineapple is the first food that should be avoided for young pregnant women because it contains vitamin C and allegedly can cause miscarriage .

2 . Parsley

The second foodstuff is to be avoided as one parsley plant containing apiol and myristicin . Both of these substances can soften the ovary wall to the cervix , even shed the fertilized egg cell .

3 . Cinnamon

It is a food or spice that is commonly found in any home kitchen . Pregnant women should be careful with the variety of foods that contain cinnamon in large quantities . Cinnamon contains vitamin C which is very high , so dangerous to the fetus . Eating too much cinnamon can make a mother want to pee constantly.

4 . Papaya

This fruit became a favorite among women . Although sweet and tender , if consumed in excess , especially in the 4th week of pregnancy , papaya may cause miscarriage due to the natural content of vitamin C which is very high .

5 . Sugarcane

Sugarcane not only contain high doses of vitamin C , but also increase the temperature ( heat ) in the body . This temperature increase will make the stomach contract .

6 . Peanuts

The next foods to avoid are peanuts , especially if pregnant women have asthma disorders derivatives or certain allergies . Peanuts do contain plant nutrients and Omega 3 , but the consumption of an excessive amount of make the fetus will get both the hereditary disease of the mother .

Knowing some foods that should be avoided would make Mother careful in choosing nutritional intake . If necessary , consult your doctor about the foods that will nourish the mother and fetus . Welcome awaits regards the presence of fruit and healthy hearts , Mom !

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